08.07.2019 | Neueinsteiger Neueinsteiger: New Model Army - "End of Days"

Ab sofort neu auf ROCK ANTENNE: die New Model Army mit "End of Days"!

Foto: By Bobo Boom - Bright lights, CC BY 2.0, Link

Die New Model Army veröffentlicht am 23. August 2019 ihr neues Album From Here. Mit einem Lyrics-Video zu "End Of Days" gibt uns die Band um Sänger Justin Sulivan jetzt einen ersten Vorgeschmack daraus.

Aufgenommen haben sie Song und Album im Ocean Sound Recordings auf der norwegischen Insel Giske - und genau diese Abgeschiedenheit auf der kleinen Insel hat sich enorm auf den Sound der Platte ausgewirkt, so die Band. 

Im Herbst ist die New Model Army mit den neuen Songs auf Tour und gibt auch einige Konzerte in Deutschland. 

New Model Army schreiben auf Facebook über From Here: 

"We have often heard it said that the album is dead. We don’t believe this is true; because if you study what people actually watch, while much of it is short hits and Youtube clips, they also love long series that create a particular atmosphere and entry into another world in which they can submerge themselves. Since Between Dog and Wolf, we have tried to make records that work in the same way.

Only this time we’ve gone a little further. From Here was mostly written in just two months and recorded in only nine days. It has a particular sound and a particular atmosphere that we hope draws people in. We decided to work again with Lee Smith and Jamie Lockhart, with whom we have developed a productive relationship over a few years, and they persuaded us to leave a lot of the details of the music to the spontaneity of the moment, and to go to what is probably the most beautiful recording studio in the world, Ocean Sound Recordings on the tiny Norwegian island of Giske, and let the place do its magic.

We all have different lives and different tastes in many things (including music). One thing we have in common is the love of bleak, open, cold, rugged landscapes – water, snow and rock. So this was the perfect place for us to create something collectively - at all times while we were working, we could see through the windows the sky, the sea and the melting snow on the mountains, all in a constant state of change. 

No environment has had such an effect on the band’s music since we discovered the Sawmill Studios in Cornwall and created Hex, Thunder & Consolation and Impurity there thirty years ago.

So this album has a feel that is different to our other albums, but it still contains all the elements that characterise our curiously unidentifiable music – perhaps even more than ever. And From Here was an obvious title. 

The record belongs to a very special place and also a particular time – what is happening in the world now and where we are as a band and as people."

Einen kurzen Teaser zu From Here gibt’s bei YouTube.

New Model Army live 2019:

10.10.2019 (Do) - DORTMUND, FZW
11.10.1029 (Fr) - HAMBURG, Markthalle
12.10.2019 (Sa) - BERLIN, Huxleys Neue Welt
22.10.2019 (Di) - WINTERTHUR (CH), Salzhaus
23.10.2019 (Mi) - FRIBOURG (CH), Fri-Son
24.10.2019 (Do) - FREIBURG, Jazzhaus
25.10.2019 (Fr) - MÜNCHEN, Backstage
26.10.2019 (Sa) - STUTTGART, LKA Longhorn
27.10.2019 (So) - NÜRNBERG, Hirsch
29.10.2019 (Di) - DRESDEN, Beatpol
30.10.2019 (Mi) - FRANKFURT, Batschkapp
31.10.2019 (Do) - LOSHEIM, Eisenbahnhalle
14.12.2019 (Sa) - KÖLN, Palladium

Tracklist von From Here:

01. Passing Through
02. Never Arriving
03. The Weather
04. End of Days
05. Conversation
06. Great Disguise
07. Where I Am
08. Hard Way
09. Watch And Learn
10. Maps
11. Setting Sun
12. From Here