10.07.2020 | 15 Jahre Powerwolf: Der Band-Podcast - exklusiv auf ROCK ANTENNE! 15 years of Powerwolf: International Edition!

15 years of Powerwolf - we're celebrating this anniversary with a new Best of-Compilation and an exclusive podcast with Powerwolf's one and only Falk Maria Schlegel and Matthew Greywolf. This is the English version for all our international Powerwolf lovers - enjoy!

15 Years of POWERWOLF - The ROCK ANTENNE Podcast

We're celebrating 15 years of Powerwolf! Exclusively on ROCK ANTENNE, Falk Maria Schlegel and Matthew Greywolf revisit those exciting 15 years of Band history. They go back to the beginnings, talk about Powerwolf's leap onto the big stage and also ponder about what the future may hold and eternal life. 

As you may have noticed, the original three episodes were in German - this is the same story told once again in English, especially recorded for the International wolfpack. Enjoy! 

Also don't forget to get your copy of the brand new Best-of-record Best of the Blessed - available for example here in the official Powerwolf store.